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Goldendoodles and Poodles

Welcome to Alger Farm!


Who We Are

Alger Farm began with David and Jennifer Alger in Franklin, NC over 30 years ago. They began breeding golden retrievers and St. Bernard's, and slowly transitioned to huskies, golden retrievers, and now golden doodles. With three sons, they wanted a family dog who would be friendly, easy to train, obedient, protective, and gentle with children. They found that golden retrievers fit this description PERFECTLY and focused on sharing the golden retriever and golden doodle breed with other families.

Micah (their son) and I (Naomi) are following in their footsteps and started breeding our golden doodles in Charlotte, NC in 2016. Our dogs Coralee and Penny are our pets and are spoiled with love and attention on a regular basis.


We both have come from families that have owned several different breeds of dogs that were all unique in their own way, but none as much as our golden doodles. Cora, Penny, Ellie, Leo, and Teddy go everywhere with us from hiking in the mountains to swimming in the lake. They love to spend time with us and to be a part of our adventures. Each dog has a very personal, special part of our family. They pick up on our emotions, and often exemplify the same ones to match. Now that we have added a human to the pack, we need to find a bigger vehicle to fit everyone!

Ask anyone with a goldendoodle and they will tell you similar stories. Their calm demeanor, intelligence, and personality compare to none. We love our little additions to the family, and we hope you will find one for yours too!

Jayme B

Naomi and Micah are the absolute best! I am so thankful I found them. This was a first time experience for us and I was unsure about so much but they took time to really explain everything about our new puppy. They really do love all their dogs and it shows! Again we are so very grateful we found The Alger Farm! Our new pup has brought so much more happiness to our family.





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