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Families choose their puppies in the order we receive their deposits. As breeders, we reserve the right to "first pick" of any litter regardless on when deposits are placed.

Planned Litters

If you would like to be added to our lists, please send us an email at You can check out pictures on Instagram or Facebook.  

​The following is our current breeding plan for the 2024 year. This is subject to change based on when heat cycles occur and interest expressed by potential buyers. The dates listed are anticipated "Go Home" dates.

  • September 2024: Lucy and Oliver's medium (35-50 lbs) F1b goldendoodles. We expect apricot, red, and apricot with white markings.

  • October 2024: Ellie and Oliver's miniature (25-35 lbs) F1b goldendoodles. We will have red puppies.

For 2025, we are planning a golden retriever litter, F1 goldendoodle litters, F1b mini and medium litters, and F1bb miniature litters. Contact us for more information.

Click the link below to get updates for our litters!

Alger Farm Interest Form
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