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Puppy Supplies

We do our best to make your experience as smooth as possible! There are so many things to choose from when getting a puppy. Here are some items we have tried and recommend!


We switched to PawTree after we had feedback from families saying they wanted a high quality food with a variety of flavors to choose from. After eating the same thing all the time, anyone (including dogs!) gets bored. We have loved the improvement in coat, energy, and appetite we have seen in all our dogs since exclusively feeding PawTree! 

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Treats and Toys

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Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 3.26.58 PM.png
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Poodles, golden retrievers, and golden doodles are all highly intelligent dogs who thrive with mental stimulation. We would highly encourage new puppy owners to get a snuffle mat and/or a puzzle to promote their mental development.


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We recommend  finding a single door crate WITH A DIVIDER!! You will need to continue crate training and will modify the size of the crate as puppy grows with this divider. For minis, we recommend a 30 inch crate.

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For medium or standards, we recommend 36 inch or 42 inch crate.






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