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Our Process

We take great care to make sure your puppy grows up happy and healthy. 

We provide a 2 year health warranty and 30 days of puppy insurance for your puppy. We understand you are investing in a new companion and should receive reassurance of your purchase. We stand behind our breeding and puppies, and are positive that you will love your new dog and will enjoy a long and happy life with it!

If you're interested in a puppy from us, contact us! We will then schedule a phone call and share our contract. A deposit will hold your spot in line of choosing a puppy until they are old enough to be visited (For example, if you are the 2nd deposit received you will be 2nd to pick out your puppy). After our vet clears the to go home, your remaining balance is due upon pick up.


Week 1: Puppies are Born!

Once the puppies are born, they spend a lot of time eating and sleeping. Their mother is fed 5-7 times per day with meals high in calories and calcium. This is done to ensure strong growth amongst the puppies and maintain the health of the mother.

We also start puppies with ENS (early neurological stimulation) exercises and ESI (early scent introduction) between days 3-15.​


Week 2-3: Dewormings Begin!

Between 2-3 weeks, we begin deworming the puppies with Pyrantel Pamoate. We monitor them closely to ensure they are developing at a healthy rate. 
The puppies with have multiple dewormings as per vet recommendation prior to going home with their new families.


Week 4: Time for Kibble!

At 4 weeks, we begin weaning the puppies off of the mother. The puppies have started to develop their teeth at this point, and can begin moving towards more solid food. We will gradually introduce food (dry PawTree dog food soaked in water) and decrease the time with the mother.


Week 5-6: They Grow Up So Fast!

By week 5, the puppies have a lot more energy and are curious about the world around them. They spend more time outside running and playing. This is a great time to begin seeing their adorable personalities! Families can begin picking out their puppies at this time. You can schedule a video call or come visit us yourself! Who wouldn't want to play with a litter of puppies?!

Puppies are also introduced to a crate at this time to assist with transitioning to their new homes!

IMG_5145 (1).jpg

Week 7-8: Homeward Bound!

At week 7-8, the puppies will visit our veterinarian to receive their first shots and total examination. You are welcome to take your puppy home anytime after their vet visit.


Questions? Concerns? Feedback?

If you have ANY questions prior to or after purchasing a puppy, please do not hesitate to contact us! You do not have to figure out raising a puppy on your own. We are happy to share tips and tricks to assist you in training, food, treats, or finding a vet.






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