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Our Dogs

Our dogs are our pets and an integral part of our family! They are well-loved and live in the house, enjoying the plush life of the couch! We also have several acres they love to run and play in. 


Coralee Alger

Coralee has retired and is privileged to be honorary "mama" to all future litters. She is a CKC F1 Golden Doodle. She is the daughter of AKC golden retriever Autumn Mist and AKC miniature poodle Bucky. She weighs about 40 lbs and has red, wavy fur. She is very smart and loves to go on adventures such as hiking, kayaking, or being an attentive lookout for squirrels! Cora often goes on job sites with Micah and has learned to climb a ladder and ride a mower. She loves do to anything to make her family happy and is very emotionally connected.

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